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What We Offer

We are traveling up to 50 miles

Any distance over 50 miles will incur additional charges once the customer and owner have spoken and agreed upon distance.

Full Details will begin at


Mid size SUV and mini vans-175.00

Full size SUV’ & trucks- 200.00. & up


    • Sedan-150.00
    • Mid size SUV and mini vans-175.00
    • Full size SUV’ & trucks- 200.00. & up


    • Hand Wash
    • Wax
    • Clay bar
    • Inside and outside windows
    • Deep vacuum of seats, floor mats, trunk, and spare tire compartment
    • Wash and dress rims, tires, wheel wells
    • Wipe Down of interior seats, door panel’s dashboard, etc
    • Wash and dress motor bay- optional
    • Wipe down door jambs
    • Air hose interior of car to ensure removal of all dust and dirt

  • VIP WASHES $45.00

    • Hand wash
    • Clay
    • High polymer liquid spray wax
    • Deep vacuum of interior and floor mats
    • Inside and Outside windows
    • Wash and shine rims, tires and wheel wells
    • Wipe down door jambs and full interior
    • VIP washes can upgrade to a hand wax for $25.00& up depending on the size of the vehicle or a machine
    • wax for $20.00

  • HAND WASH $20.00

    • Deep vacuum of the interior and floor mats
    • Clean outside windows
    • Spray wax
    • Wash rims and wheel wells
    • Wash and shine tires
    • Wipe down door jambs

These services are offered as detail upgrade or individual service

Head light Restoration- $30.00 a head light.

Leather treatment depends on size of vehicle and condition of leather

Shampooing is an additional cost based on severity of stains

Excessive pet hair removal on full details will be $20.00 & up any vehicles with pet hair must be viewed before appointment is booked to ensure proper pricing

Paint correction prices vary upon severity of scratches, sun damage, orange peel, fish eyes, acid rain, etc.

Basic polish light scratch removal/swirl removal starting at $150.00 for entire car

Steam Cleaning interior only available upon request

 Plastic rejuvenation exterior – $15.00 & up

Odor removal- $30.00

Customers can choose to set up a maintenance plan weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Maintenance plans can be any service we offer and must be under contract. Customers who choose a maintenance plan will be the first to know of any specials and depending on package will be offered a free service at the discretion of owner after a certain time period.